My Health Visitor referred me to FRVF for support and I honestly can’t thank them enough for helping me – their kindness, understanding and support. The Mindfulness for Mums course offered me some breathing space, a time set aside each week for me to think about me. A time for relaxation and to talk to other mums about their experiences. Just knowing you are not the only one gives you the strength to keep going.

The work The Foundation for Ribble Valley Families do around social and emotional well-being for the families we work with is pivotal in supporting them to achieve positive outcomes, especially as new anxious parents.  Without the support of FRVF our families have a long wait (usually 20 weeks plus) to see someone to support them with anxieties/ low mood/ low self-esteem which can hinder them becoming a positive family unit.  As a new baby enters the world, their parents are often faced with an overwhelming sense of responsibility.  After all babies do not come with a manual, and becoming a parent is one of the hardest, most challenging roles we as adults will ever face. The changes to a family unit during this time can become strained, and emotional well-being of fathers, mothers and siblings can decline.   It is my role to support these families by offering them the most appropriate service to manage their needs at that time.  FRVF are always there for advice if we have any concerns, for direction and guidance as to the support they can offer and they offer a complex package to address the family’s needs when they need the help.  Without charity funding this service is compromised, and our families suffer.

 Local Health Visitor

I was to put it quite simply ‘broken’. I had lost my identity, my sense of self worth, suffering from anxiety and had absolutely no idea which direction I was going in. Twelve months later I now feel a great sense of pride & self worth. My life has totally transformed for the better.

When you suffer from anxiety or depression you can have good days and bad days, when the really bad, dark days come they can happen so suddenly and the feelings of fear, hopelessness are so overwhelming that if you are brave enough to reach out for help you need it quickly, you can’t wait for weeks for a GP’s referral.

The FRVF offered me help with in days of reaching out, providing a safe, non judgmental & confidential environment to talk, be heard and supported. Over the following weeks a life coach helped by listening, giving me techniques to deal with my panic attacks, helped me to understand the triggers and events that were causing my increased anxiety and depression. They enabled me to set small achievable goals to build up my confidence and move forward. The service the charity offer is far more than talking therapy, or a quick temporary fix, they provide continuing support, a community, kindness, time and compassion. I can not thank them enough. The work they do can literally save lives.

Had I been asked 10 months ago to write this I wouldn’t have known where to start. I had been pushed from pillar to post by mental health services and psychologists, leaving me with very little faith in the mental health services. After many mental relapses with causing factors ranging from substance misuse and being a product ofo my environment and upbringing, I was very much ready to quite literally give up.

Thanks to the consistency and dedication from the staff at Ribble Valley Families, I truly believe that I’m making a positive change to really start living my best life. Working through the Fusion programme that has been so uniquely designed to cater to the individual. And although most days its completely terrifying with the support I have and with somewhere to go once a week and lay all the stuff down that takes up residency in my own mind and work with somebody to change the trajectory of my future.

In the past I have been rejected, then been let down by the system. Today I feel the complete opposite. I encourage anybody who is struggling to get involved with FRVF in the hope that one day you will also know a new freedom, that I certainly never believed in. Today I believe anything is possible, “Success is not final; failure is not fatal; It is the courage to continue that counts.”

In closing, FRVF provides an excellent service to anybody who is willing to try and make change.