Longest Game of 5-a-side Football

The aim was to break the Guinness World Record for the longest ever game of 5-a-side football. The team of 16 players battled blisters, cramp, sleep deprivation and more in their attempt to play solidly for over 71 hours.

The football team for FRVF are waiting final confirmation that they have succeeded in breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest game of five-a-side football in history, after clocking a 72-hour, three-day-long continuous match!

Held at Roefield Health & Fitness in Clitheroe, the game was held in order to raise funds for the Foundation for Ribble Valley Families, which supports vulnerable people within the community who are suffering from mental health and emotional well-being challenges. By the end of the marathon challenge, a grand total of over £6,000 had been raised.

Sponsored by Burnley-based instant and charcoal barbecue manufacturer, Bar-Be-Quick, the match saw a team of 16 players rotate on and off throughout the 72 hours to beat the previous record of 70 hours by just under 120 minutes.

“We’re thrilled to have broken the record for the longest continuous game of 5-a-side football and raise money for the charity in the process," said Paul Keighley "Breaking a world record is no mean feat, and the team have done a fantastic job to surpass the current record, playing for 72 hours without sleep!"

The funds raised will go towards the Foundation for Ribble Valley Families’ delivery of Fusion Therapeutic Life Coaching, a fast-acting intervention for addressing mental health challenges. Already able to see service users within a week of referral - much faster than the 12-16 week waiting period for other mental health support services - the foundation is certainly about as good a cause as they come.

“A number of the foundation’s service users have referred to its work as 'life-saving', with demand for the service increasing significantly in the Ribble Valley area over the last 12-18 months," Paul added. "The money raised allows the foundation to continue to provide its important service to more people and ensure that it is seeing users as quickly as possible.”

Kat Weatherill
Charity Awarded for Excellence

THE ‘outstanding’ work of recently formed charity Foundation for Ribble Valley Families has been recognised with a prestigious award.

The Clitheroe based organisation – which was only founded in January 2015 – has been given the East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (ELCCG) Excellence Award for Outstanding Locality work.

Over the last three-and-a-half years, FRVF have provided help and support to countless local families

It comes as recognition for the swift referral process and intervention that FRVF provides – along with its effective partnership work within the local area.

Co-founder of the charity Fiona Maudsley said: “We are delighted to have  been presented with this award from  ELCCG.

“Our charity is still in its early days but the positive impact its work is having on children, young people and their families at an early stage is quite remarkable.

“The award we have been presented with acknowledges the value placed on our work by local health professionals and the families we see.

“I would personally like to thank Ribblesdale Community Partnership, local GP’s, health professionals and councillors for their positive endorsement of our work.”

FRVF were nominated for the award by Phil Mileham – a former Practice Manager for the Castle Medical Group in Clitheroe.

He wrote:  “The charity co-founders are hard working individuals that are striving to ensure improvement of the social and emotional wellbeing of the most disadvantaged families in the Ribble Valley.

“They are supporting them to enjoy the best possible opportunity to achieve positive outcomes in their lives.

“They work tirelessly to achieve the above but also to fundraise and apply for relevant grants in order to offer additional elements of support

The ELCCG agreed and the award is particularly timely as the charity looks forward to opening The Family Thrive Centre in the coming months.

The centre will be an integrated one stop shop with a focus primarily on emotional health and well-being.

But it will also offer a wider range of services complementing and supporting this offer, including group sessions for young families such as baby massage and messy play.

FRVF is about to open its new temporary headquarters at the former physiotherapy centre in New Market Street.

And they intend to use the new base to trial the Family Thrive Centre  – which is being supported by ELCCG and local councillors.

Fiona added: “Exciting times are ahead as we move ever closer to our long held vision of opening a hub which focuses on emotional health and well-being in the Ribble Valley.”

For more information about the FRVF contact Fiona: info.frvf@gmail.com or 07538242314

AwardsKat Weatherill
The Family Thrive Centre Update

The Foundation for Ribble Valley Families are delighted to announce that they have now taken receipt of the keys to the former physiotherapy centre in Clitheroe for our new Family Centre! We are very excited about the beginning of the next chapter in our journey. However the building is going to need a little TLC to turn it into the warm and welcoming centre we want it to be. We are thrilled that Clitheroe Rotary have offered their help and support with the project, however we are likely to need further help with the following:

Joinery – does anybody know a joiner who would be willing to help give their time free? We need some doors changing so that they open outwards instead of inwards and a possibly a basic work bench making for a brewing up area to be made.

Redundant Office furniture – We would be grateful for any type of office furniture that you may be throwing out.

Surplus stationary – Any surplus stationary from folders staplers and staples, pens, scissors etc.

Kitchen appliances – kettles, toasters fridge! Don’t worry we will be getting all of these PAT tested.

Cleaning equipment – cloths, cleaning fluids, brushes (long handled and dust pan and brushes) bin liners.

Soft Furnishings – cushions, chairs, rugs. These need to be fire retardant and comply with EU regulations.

Perhaps most importantly TIME. We would really like to be ready to open on 15/09/2018 but at this point this we be dependent on the plumber and electrician getting the big pieces of work done. The place needs a really good clean before any decorating etc ca be undertaken.

We are not proud and would be grateful for the smallest donations of any of the above. Every penny we can save in the setting up of the building means more can be spent on the work with children, young people and their families.

If you can help with any of the above please contact Fiona on

Tel: 07538 243414
email: info.frvf@gmail.com